You are buying a vintage dish that happens to be turned into a candle.

    This is not about a candle but about an idea, the repurposing idea that a lot ot Eastern countries master and consider a normailty while it remains an 'idea'in other parts of the world.

    This romantic candle with a lid makes the extenguishing process super smooth and poetic with a slight 'old school' glass sound.


    This vintage dish can be reused by repouring a candle for yourself or bringing it back to us for a refill ($10).


    Just put the dish in the oven to melt the remainder of the beeswax and coconut mix and wipe off with a cloth soaked in vinegar or essential oil.


    Material: Unique blend of beeswax made by bees and a little bit of coconut, hence the lighter yellow color. 

    No added perfume, non toxic wax made by the bees, no added scent.


    Natural scent: The mix has a very slight scent, a subtle natural scent. 

    Why add a scent to a material already scented, why not just take nature as it is presented to us?


    Use: The burn does not get to your head which can be burned for as long as you wish.


    Burn time: About 15 hours.