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On sustainability.


Every human being over a certain development stage is responsible for the future of this planet.

We're in this together, blacks, whites, yellows, oranges and even the greens, together we shape the world for a better future.


Using organic products is not enough, delegating responsibility on corporations is not enough. It is the actions of each of us on a daily basis that matter. And us being able to sustain good practice in recycling, pressuring production by buying more responsibly, keeping things longer.

Buying quality means buying more expensively (precious time spent on clothing making without a hurry), maybe going back to buying less but better so we can keep longer. It is Ok to buy non organic things as long as we use them properly and keep them for longer. 


'Made is USA /Made in New York ' can be read on the inside of  most SALASSAN pieces as the studio is based in Brooklyn, NY. The knitwear is now developed and produced in the garment district  in New York. While fabrics are still from other parts of the world due to the lack of expansion in the American textile industry we try our best to source anything else locally and up cycling curtains into SALASSAN bags.

The idea is to not be all-around champions at sustainability but to address one aspect of it and constantly researching new ways to help the world seamlessly go forward. 

It all relates back to nature no matter how much fog, buildings and factories are in the way. Us humans are part of the ecosystem, we are nature whether you like it or not, whether you want to detach yourself from it or not.


Our labels ,

These are really thick North Carolina leaves we use for branding .



The idea is to trigger a sense of respect a feeling an emotional awakening to the piece of clothing you are ripping it out from.


Rethinking how we think about clothing. Hopefully as you take the label off before wearing it you get to think about the process of fiber, fabric and cloth making which ultimately might make you want to care more about it, to resell it more, to give and to swap it more often.

These labels are also biodegradable for real so don’t hesitate to throw them away.



 It’s about you not about the brand.




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